Aquamarine and I

Good story of myfriend


January 12, 2015 at 1:53pm

Amazing things happen for reasons.
But not all reasons we would knew, so we couldn’t named it properly.

Diving for me means a lot. For the first time it feels cool when you could playing arounds with many little stunning aquatic lifes.

After jump in the courses I’ve got a big block standing high and wide after me. Yeah I’m so afraid and got nervous.

It is really is a serious decisions to make. You’re not just playing with the doh or jumping around with your friends.. It takes more health issue to care about. Yeah. And its kinda creepy for me. Oh I tell you.. I didn’t afraid to hike a mount.. Never.. Every breath i take it’s a new bumps in my veins. You might call me crazy .. But I love those colour of green and black trees. I always do

Here. I realize that diving is different.. In the First dive class meets, i get “oh my god.. This is so cool.. This equipment is so professional.. And if I’m wearing it.. I would so cool hwhahaha. But in the second class i felt different. Doubt comes up. This is too complex.. There’s quite much things to be care off. For just playing around and having fun.. This one, have more risk to look after. And I start nervous. My tummy feel crunchy.. My head is computing accident while I’m on my dive..over my head..

But still.. Voices running in my head. I want to do this. I’ve chosen this and I have to finish it. I can’t give up now. Not now not any time. I challenge my self.. I pray to God, tell Allah to give a hand, helping me get through all of my this. Protect me from bad things.

And Allah did. I got one of super happy moment in my life. Moment that i don’t want to get far from my memory. I meet up with something I never predict. Every creatures I’ve met, pushing current over me, cold sensation underwater, air enters my throat, filling my lungs with oksigen. It feels like a magic. I was thought i belong here. And it’s a miracle.. Gift from the highest Lord.

After my eighth dive..which is still early, or the professional might doubt my skill.. Not only them but for me too it’s still too many to learn..

Here I am. Telling you my story.
I was pretend how it feels like to be 15 feet underwater or more. Now I’m curious.. Could i recognize and take a good care like they did to me.

I have a figur.favorite. 33 years old woman who loves diving so much that she dedicated herself to be a conservation reef head in indonesia.

I read her novel.. And I fall for her. And i love to dive 🙂

meet up with something yo can’t predict
Go dive everyone


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