Salut buat Burgerkill, ini baru Indonesia.


Best New Band (Sponsored by Kraken)  Bleed From Within
Best Underground Band (Sponsored by Ave Satanas) The Algorithm
Dimebag Darrell ‘Shredder’ (Sponsored by Vans)  Eric Calderone
Breakthrough Artist (Sponsored by Hobgoblin)  Asking Alexandria
Best Event (Sponsored by Alchemy)  Heavy Metal Census
Best International Band (Sponsored by Nuclear Blast)  Stone Sour
Best Live Band (Redbull Records)  Gojira
Best UK Band (Sponsored by Roadrunner Records)  Black Sabbath
Best Album (Sponsored by TeamRock Radio)  Black Sabbath
Metal As Fu*k (Sponsored by World Of Warplanes)  Burgerkill
Riff Lord (Sponsored by All Axess)  Scott Gorham
Spirit Of Hammer (Sponsored by Jägermeister)  Brian Blessed
Inspiration (Sponsored by USM)  Paradise Lost
Legend (Sponsored by UDR)  Doro
Icons (Sponsored by Century Media)  Alice In Chains
The Golden God (Sponsored by Orange Amplification)  Motörhead




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